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martingd (38) [2007-02-01 9:23]

I like the simple composition of this photo...
The water droplets and steel grey ripples add to a more interesting effect.

Title: Crocus
Crocus (12)
Zdeno (18)


martingd (38) [2007-01-31 9:22]

Interesting concept ! ... love the colours and the shadow...
perhaps required a tiny bit more sharpness...

martingd (38) [2007-01-27 18:59]

Nice shot... this could be quite useful for astronomy presentations where one is required to explain the difference between a comet and a meteor :)

... as regards to the photo it does have a bit of too much grain. I guess mainly due to high ISO...

martingd (38) [2007-01-19 7:32]

I'm green with envy :) - For people in the northern hemisphere we only managed to get a glimpse of it at sunset... nothing as spectecular as in this photo!

The thin streaks of horizontal clouds gives this photo an even more interesting perspective.