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ramsharma (0) [2017-07-03 2:12] [+]

"fresh picture"! u make me laugh!
fresh or rotten...........try to capture quality picture.

u did a lot back slapping when TN was full of members and points.
u didn't learn anything.

ramsharma (0) [2017-07-03 2:00] [+]

super picture. quality sharpness and nice compo....

ramsharma (0) [2016-11-25 13:57]

Wait....two guys are coming to give you point!

Sell you camera...
This is not a picture.
How will yoy know!!!!
To know which is picture you need knowledge!!!!

ramsharma (0) [2016-11-25 13:53]

Where picture is worst, will find these two back slappers there!

To please the member who doesn't shower point and slapping his back these two wants his points.

If you don't trust me....just follow.

Just read how they wrote comment....

ramsharma (0) [2016-11-25 13:26]

If this is a picture then people of the whole world should forget the defination of Photography.
It's a free sight, so you guys can post anything! Don't try to be oversmart writing stupid lighting condition. Sell your toys coz photography isn't for you.

Trekers have a look these two stupid, greedy back slappers! Just to get 2 points fron this man how they are slapping his back.

Worthless guys!
Try to capture good picture rather than oiling people.

These members are the black ship of TN.
They will never leave TN!!!!!


ramsharma (0) [2016-10-21 2:20]

our pride. real beauty. doing good. be aware of BACKSLAPPERS....... name starts with "L.....o'

ramsharma (0) [2016-10-21 2:12]

Splendid, Bala. Our pride.

ramsharma (0) [2016-07-26 2:56]

Real beauty!

ramsharma (0) [2016-07-26 2:56]

Dark dark dark!!!!! Just need light

ramsharma (0) [2016-07-26 2:54]

Need some remedy here. Not well sharp and colors are not well. Can't see back ground tiger! Then why in frame?