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rbeckerb Silver Note Writer [C: 9 W: 0 N: 29] (137) [2008-02-19 9:36] [comment]

Hi Evelynn,
I have been following your uploads for a long time, they are allways very interesting and hav given me a grat knowledg of the US nature. This upload is realy a very lucky ocassion beeing able to see the mother bear and cub play in nature. additionally the excelent set up. Congratulations for such a good work.


rbeckerb Silver Note Writer [C: 9 W: 0 N: 29] (137) [2007-11-16 3:31]

Buenos Dias Jose Miguel,
veo que valio la pena esperar por tu nueva camara. La foto Macro me parece extraordinaria, te felicito.
Una correcion, no es una flor lo que la mayor parte de la gente piensa que es lo rojo, no es la hoja de esta planta originaria de mexico, la hay tambien con hojas blancas y hoy en dia la encuentras en otras tonalidades gracias a las tareas ejecutds por los jardineros e insectos.
Sobre el insecto estoy en igual desconocimiento como tu.

rbeckerb Silver Note Writer [C: 9 W: 0 N: 29] (137) [2007-10-28 5:50] [comment]

Hola Cristina, hola Felipe!
Un cordial saludo para ambos. Que bueno que han vuelto; como dice LordPotty (Steve) parece que han vuelto a presentarse a la escena los hongos. Una excelente foto tan detallada y sin la sobrecarga del flash. Me gusta mucho la composición y la extensa narrativa con abundante información. Los felicito.
Me gustaría conocer mas detalles de la técnica usada por ustedes de aplicación del flash; a mi me salen siempre muy sobreexpuestas las imágenes.
Un saludo cordial,

rbeckerb Silver Note Writer [C: 9 W: 0 N: 29] (137) [2007-09-20 12:03] [comment]

Hi Evelyn,
A very nice series "First There Was One (the little cubs) - Lunch Call (Mom is there) - Dad's Home and So Long (a sad farewell but understandeble)" are an incredible capture of the wild live in their natural environment. Not only the photos but also your detailed and live stories or " Photographer's Note" are very educational. My compliments and thanks for sharing all those photos.
By the way, your "coyote story" as I call, inspired me to post a similar story on a vulture family. I really appreciate the silent lessons I have gotten from you on the nature Thanks.
Since you are leaving on another expedition, whishing you a great time in Colorado and good weather I use your own words "So long and Happy Shooting"

rbeckerb Silver Note Writer [C: 9 W: 0 N: 29] (137) [2007-09-09 2:33] [comment]

Hola Felipe y Cristina
Muy interesante imagen del hongo, lo mas llamativo para mi es la dimensión del mismo.

rbeckerb Silver Note Writer [C: 9 W: 0 N: 29] (137) [2007-04-21 11:34]

Hi Sky,
Eine geglückte Aufnahme die ein tolles Gemälde ergibt.
Sehr interessant auch das Workshop.


rbeckerb Silver Note Writer [C: 9 W: 0 N: 29] (137) [2007-04-19 17:51] [+]

HY Sky,
I have been following your trip to the southern part of South America and have wanted to tell you at the end of your trip, what a wounderful interpretation of the southern part through your pictures have yoou made. And what a final dramatic farewell image this sunset saying goodby to a such rich experience.
my congratulation

rbeckerb Silver Note Writer [C: 9 W: 0 N: 29] (137) [2007-02-22 13:39] [+]

Hola José Miguel,

No intento competir con tantos comentarios, pero no puedo dejar de enviarte este. Desde tu comienzo a la fecha has corridor bastante, colocando gran cantidad de fotos interesantes. Para mí esta foto es una foto extraordinaria y el texto, tan educativo y orientador es sumamente completo que no tengo que acudir a ninguna literatura para conocer de este zamuro.
La foto es sumamente nítida y los colores sumamente vivos.
Felicidades y gracias por compartirla.

rbeckerb Silver Note Writer [C: 9 W: 0 N: 29] (137) [2007-01-07 15:51]

as stated before, many nature to see, a wonderful volcano view, an interesting POV. It seems you like this aspect of the nature around you. I apreciate these images since we do not have them in Venezuela. In August I posted the view I had of the IRAZu volcano of Costa Rica, I hope you have a chance to see it. By the way after that I did not post any further photos.


rbeckerb Silver Note Writer [C: 9 W: 0 N: 29] (137) [2007-01-07 15:23] [comment] [+]

I do not know if you will get my note posted on your last photo in TrekEarth so I will copy it here:
After many weeks being away from the Trek family due to personal reasons that I have now overcomed, I fond your note that you were posting your last photo on TrekEarth. I am sorry you took this decision to leave TrekEarth, I had the opportunity to learn a little bit of your country and a lot of photography. I liked very much your last shot at the caldera of Mt. Patuha, West Java, Indonesia

I have understanding that do not have the “luxury of time” to comply with the demand that these sites can make on a person, so you chose from the three sites TE, TL, and TN to active at TrekNature, I hope one day to see you back. I realize that you make great friends, some will continue visiting you others will have said farewell, I will start visiting you at TrekNature were you surely will have for me a lot to see and enjoy.

Now to your posted photo, it reminds me of the nature I saw i Costa Rica and of the venezuelan Rain Forest. How simmilar is the nature worlswide and how different can people be.

Ben, it is a pleasure that I still could find you. I wish you a prosperous and healthy new Year.