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roos (30) [2006-03-18 15:38]

He man deze is echt vet mooi!
Kus Roos

roos (30) [2006-03-10 3:06] [+]

Hi Ersin,
I Like this picture very much, the colors are beautifull!
Thanks for sharing!

roos (30) [2006-03-05 13:54]

Ik vind de foto echt fantastisch! Het is een heel bijzondere foto op een heel bijzonder moment. At theright time at the right place!!!
Groetjes Roos

roos (30) [2006-02-27 12:12]

Wat een prachtige foto! Ben trots op je!
Kus Roos

roos (30) [2006-02-21 15:45]

Hai Jaroslaw!
Ik like this picture very much, because of the good composition. The fungi are very sharp and the trees in the background make the picture compleet. Very nice!

roos (30) [2006-02-18 10:26]

Hai Chris!
Wauw wat een gave foto man! Fantastische licht/ donker compositie! Ben trots op je hahahaha
Groetjes Roos

roos (30) [2006-02-18 10:22]

Hai Christian
What a graet hight to make love hahaha. Fanatastic!
Very nice capture. I like it.

roos (30) [2006-02-18 10:17]

Hai Felipe,
In one word: BEAUTIFULL!!!
Thanks for you tips on my picture!

roos (30) [2006-02-18 10:16] [+]

Hai Kelley.
Very beautifull picture! I love fowers ad you make them even nicer! hahahaha
Thanks for your tip on my picture, I can really use it.

roos (30) [2006-02-17 8:58]

Hai Luc,
Wat a very sharp picture! Very beautifull, I like it.
Greetings Roos