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sanjay (115) [2017-08-15 7:21]

Splendid shot Srikumar. I love the compo and rain made this image special..

sanjay (115) [2013-07-20 8:42] [+]

Hello Arun, Its beautiful...I think you are very fond of one of the beautiful creature on the earth thats Butterfly...go head..


sanjay (115) [2013-07-20 8:34]

Hello Mr.Laszlo, I love the color of flower and its beautiful shape. Usually most of the people dont care about weed plants....but an artist can only execute its beauty!! nice work

sanjay (115) [2013-07-19 7:40]

Hello Stone..
Excellent image of this beautiful moth


sanjay (115) [2013-07-19 7:37]

Hello Stone..Nice capture with good detail


sanjay (115) [2013-07-19 7:35]

Hello George..Its great moment. It is just like a painting...
Superb Catch


sanjay (115) [2013-07-19 7:32] [+]

Very Beautiful, Sharp and cute image...
Joydeb da which lense you used?


sanjay (115) [2013-07-19 7:29]

Hello Christodoulos...very nice macro work with good DOF and interesting wings of the species too... nice one

sanjay (115) [2013-07-12 10:31]

Hello Christodoulos,
Its, neat and freeze the moment very nicely

sanjay (115) [2013-07-12 10:20]

Hello arun.. Beautiful Sri and Ram said image is little bit softer.. any way nice attempt..