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seriandkevin (10) [2009-01-14 2:54] [comment]

Lovely family shot, we had a solitary Bee Eater at Brandon Marsh in Coventry last summer, which led to birdwatchers descending on the place in droves :-)

lovely scene of beautifully colourful birds, well done :-)

seriandkevin (10) [2009-01-12 6:48] [comment]

A lovely shot allbeit a little dark, as you say.....

I see that Indian Robins are a little different to our European species.

Do they follow humans looking for food as they do here :-)

regards, and thanks for your kind comments on our shots

Kevin and Seri

seriandkevin (10) [2009-01-08 14:02] [comment]

Hi Sue,
This looks like it could be a migrant hawker rather than a southern. well captured image :-)

Kevin and Seri

seriandkevin (10) [2009-01-07 12:07]

An excellent portrait of a Greylag Goose, the tone, composition and lighting of this shot are pretty much spot on, well done. If we wanted to be overly finicky about it then we would have to say that the area around the eye is a tad too bright in comparison to the rest of the shot, but we would have to be really picky to be so rude.

lovely image.