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snowcrazzi (32) [2006-02-06 14:23]

What a beautiful photo. You did a great job with DOF and focus, the various flowers add for a nice background to this intricit grasshopper. Also I enjoy the frame and the note.

snowcrazzi (32) [2006-01-29 21:40] [+]

Very nice photo. It is quite a pleasure to look at. I have not seen a moral at this stage and color. The color slightly resembles the color of the snow morel, is this the same as a regular morel or a different species? The background has good constrast as well, bringing out the morel itself. Great shot

snowcrazzi (32) [2006-01-23 19:35]

Great Photo. I realy enjoy the contrast between the sky and orange and black of the rocks. Very interesting and informative note as well. It would have been interesting to see a photo from a bit higher up, as to include more of the ocean.


snowcrazzi (32) [2005-12-13 20:00] [+]

This is a nice photo Mohammed. The green grass makes it very vibrant with the center of attention on the butterfly. Well done. Giuseppe

snowcrazzi (32) [2005-11-18 13:29]

Great shot Krzysztof, The expression of the fish is magnificent. Good DOF and i like the solid background color. Great work, Giuseppe

snowcrazzi (32) [2005-11-18 13:28]

What a wonderful shot of the moon, excelent work. You should definetly have a note with this one. TFS Giuseppe

snowcrazzi (32) [2005-09-26 3:18]

This is quite an interesting photo. The framing and the other fence gives you a good sense of being fenced in. The wolves don't look to happy to be in there.

snowcrazzi (32) [2005-09-24 20:35]

That is pretty cool how the spiders blend in so well, mother nature works wonders. You did a great job shooting this subject and the DOF is awsome. The shadows from the flower pedals are impressive

snowcrazzi (32) [2005-09-24 20:31]

Very cool subject, and the name goes well with it as well. It is a bit out of focus however. Can you get another shot possibly more in focus, I'd love to see. Giuseppe

snowcrazzi (32) [2005-09-24 20:29]

Nice shot, these are some of my favorite flowers, I don't think I have seen one without blue on it. It would have been interesting if you had a different DOF, may f/8 or so. Very informative note as well.