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Title: May.
May. (2)
bobpot9 (282)


syriabuy (123) [2009-05-14 8:43]

you can take better fotos by increasing the
f-stop in the camera and the iso to 800
and the nature in russia is more beautiful

syriabuy (123) [2009-05-03 23:09]

very beautiful foto and colors
but the story is very big

syriabuy (123) [2009-04-28 23:11] [+]

hello very good shoot the lens apo good lens
but for you the body d40 is not complete
you must use d80 and higher camera

syriabuy (123) [2009-04-19 3:03] [+]

very good sharping photo but
there is sun light or not when
it was taken

syriabuy (123) [2009-03-14 4:05]

hello you have good plant and you use flash in
the camera that is new for me
best regards

syriabuy (123) [2008-07-03 12:22] [+]

its good photo i saw from it in syria

i see there is good site for the plants and animals insects.

good by