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tyro (30) [2018-12-07 4:33] [+]

Ciao caro Luciano,

As soon as I realised that you were in Madagascar I had to have a look on TN to see if you had posted any Nature pictures! Sadly, I've not been on TN for a very, very long time but maybe now is the time to return!

Looking at your map, I believe you might have taken this in the Lokobe nature Reserve in Nosy Be not far from Hell-Ville. Did you have to have a guide there? I remember that we travelled in a pirogue and had to paddle it across the bay to get there.

This is a beautiful butterfly, very well captured and contrasting perfectly with the pink flowers and green background. Excellent details and sharpness too.


Kind Regards,


tyro (30) [2008-06-30 5:53]

Hello, Bev.

After a long absence from TN, I see this! And Wow! this is a wonderful shot of your favourite creature!

He just looks so perky and alert and full of expression.


Best Wishes,


tyro (30) [2008-05-13 13:51] - [workshop] [compare]

Hello, Rachel.

Yes, I must agree with Paul - a good note really makes it for me - I have learned so much about people and places just by reading notes (and trying to compose meaningful ones myself!) as well as looking at nice pictures.

This one is a cracker. You've composed this one very well and your viewpoint is superb. I love those detailed big rocks in the foreground and the excellent placement of that peak in the picture.

Again, I think it could take some sharpening, just like your TE picture, so I've done a quick workshop for you. I hope you'll not be offended - see what you think.

Best Wishes,

John. (Dad. XX)

tyro (30) [2008-05-12 15:13]

Hello, Lorna.


You have done very well here. Judging by your note, you were lucky not to be stranded on the island! Well worth the risk though, to get a picture like this.

Wonderfully clear and sharp with the foreground and background both nicely out-of-focus.


Best Wishes,


tyro (30) [2008-04-29 11:26]

Hello, Rachel.

Welcome to TN!

And a very fine first posting too!

What fabulous tones of red! And sharply focussed too, with the background nicely thrown out-of-focus. Those little blobs of water add a bit more interest and the bright yellow in the foreground gives it all depth.

Very nice indeed, Rachel!

John. (Dad XX)

tyro (30) [2007-05-14 12:32]

Hello, Gary.

Another of your beautiful telephoto shots of birds - as usual, so sharp and clear with beautiful colours against a wonderfully out-of-focus background. You must have a very steady hand to take pictures at a focal length of 400mm!

Very well done.

Best Wishes,


P.S. And an excellent note too!

tyro (30) [2007-05-12 19:39]

Hi, Gary.

This picture is absolutely amazing - so close, so sharp, such perfect colours, a totally blank background - what more could anyone ask for?

Very, very, very well done!

Best Wishes,


tyro (30) [2007-04-27 20:16]

Hello, Marie,

What a wonderful shot! Well done. I would gladly sacrifice a piece of cake to achieve a picture as good as this!


Best Wishes,


tyro (30) [2007-04-10 19:52]

Hi, Sue,

This is a beautiful picture. Well done!

Best Wishes,