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tyu (42) [2007-02-06 9:58]

Hi Ricardo another beautiful image excellent texture good details cheers Shimon

tyu (42) [2007-02-06 9:00]

Hi JP very cute image and as well high quality shot it is superb bye Shimon

tyu (42) [2007-02-06 8:58]

Hi Ricardo this is so beautiful excellent colours see all the details tfs bye Shimon

tyu (42) [2007-02-05 12:12]

Hi Milos i want to visit the USA with beautiful places like that i must come for a short to CR amazing reflection good light well done bye Shimon

tyu (42) [2007-02-01 10:20]

Hi i was in Svalvard too very beautiful place i was there in October cold for one who come from Israel i had no digital camera yet i used the video most of the time we have something in common not a lot go there bye Shimon

tyu (42) [2007-02-01 8:44]

Hi it is awesome to see it good compo bye Shimon

tyu (42) [2007-02-01 8:43]

Hi Radomir he must jump to the shower very beautiful shot sharp with good light bye Shimon

tyu (42) [2007-02-01 8:39]

Hi Nel beautiful view down i like the small island good colours bye Shimon

Title: Iris
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tyu (42) [2006-03-20 11:40]


good shot nice colors the white with the yellow