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windbum (31) [2008-12-28 8:05] [comment]

Interesting image, with the grass in focus in foreground and the background blurred.
Thanks for sharing.

windbum (31) [2008-12-26 19:29] [comment]

Excellent in-flight capture of this Tern. I also enjoy the detail on the wing. Congratulations.

Must have been at a very high ISO setting?

windbum (31) [2008-12-26 19:26] [comment]

Very interesting Arachnid, for its body pattern. Nicely composed and created.

windbum (31) [2008-12-26 8:47] [comment]

Your frog closeups are amazing and well composed. Congratulations.

Reckon I need to make a reservation for Costa Rica....

windbum (31) [2008-12-26 8:43] [comment]

I like the earthtones and the comparison of beauty with the dead, gnarly leaf. Congratulations. Also, I have not seen this butterfly in the western US.

windbum (31) [2008-12-26 8:41] [comment]

Magical image, micro within a micro, great composition and green hues. Thanks for sharing.

windbum (31) [2008-12-24 12:46] [comment]

Another fine frog image, well composed and good sharpness, congratulations.

windbum (31) [2008-12-24 12:17] [comment]

Excellent timing and capture of these little guys in a huge flock, congratulations.

windbum (31) [2008-12-24 12:15] [comment]

Interesting frozen, winter image including the deciduous background trees, then the hope of warmth with the radiating sun. Congratulations.

windbum (31) [2008-12-24 12:12] [comment]

Attractive image, at first from the thumbnail I thought they were trees. Congratulations.

PS: At the top is a small glimpse of fall color, maybe more of this background could have been included, or cropped out since it is too small within the image? Anyway, still an effective creation.