New Zealand
Auckland 1712[view photos]
Bay of Plenty 109[view photos]
Canterbury 92[view photos]
Central Plateau 28[view photos]
*Chatham Islands 6[view photos]
*Cook Islands 6[view photos]
Coromandel 64[view photos]
East Coast 11[view photos]
Fiordland 22[view photos]
Hawkes Bay 58[view photos]
Manawatu 72[view photos]
Marlborough 26[view photos]
Nelson 32[view photos]
Northland 112[view photos]
Otago 83[view photos]
Southland 49[view photos]
Stewart Island 11[view photos]
Taranaki 19[view photos]
Waikato 376[view photos]
Wairarapa 5[view photos]
Wellington 70[view photos]
West Coast 693[view photos]
New Zealand 3656[view photos]
* Map unavailable for states/provinces marked with an asterisk (*)
New Zealand Map