Aaltjie van ZevensterName: Aaltjie van Zevenster
Country: Netherlands
Intro: I am not a participating photographer, but I am a keen supporter of all the wonderful talented people who do not hesitate to not only share their beautiful photos but also their knowledge, and experiences. All of this makes it easier for uninformed people like myself, to also learn new things or to refresh the mind of things already forgotten.

As a pensioner I spent most of my day, browsing mainly through Trek Nature, (a person do not really need another site, as this on its one is packed with goodies ).This has become one of my most loved hobbies. I am an old man, who regret not starting photography when I had the chance to do so. Unfortunately I am too old now.

I am not a great critiquer but I admire a good photo and if it is accompanied by a good note or story it makes it more appreciated. I have a good sense of humour and must admit that I do have a few favourite photographers photos that I will always give my smiley’s to. But not without reason. These people have treated me with respect and dignity, and never gave me the impression that I am wasting their time because I do not own a camera.

I just want to end of by saying it is a pity that some people current and/or former members never learnt manners. They know who they are.
Have a lovely day and keep on clicking!
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