Name: Agnes Lemley
Country: United States
Intro: Hi Everyone, I am a recently retired office manager and live in rural West Tennessee, USA. I have loved photography for a long time but really did not take many pictures until the advent of good digital cameras. Right now I am learning about my newest camera, a Nikon D200, that I received this week. I love all kinds of photography but find myself doing alot of macro work lately. I belong to a photo club and enjoy talking with and meeting other photographers. I look forward to being a part of this excellent community of world photographers.
Member Since: 2006-06-29
Camera: Nikon D70, Canon PowerShot S2 IS, Nikon D200
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United States
Title: Lake MichiganNikon D200
Lake Michigan (2)
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United States
Title: Bee FlyNikon D200
Bee Fly (20) *
AgnesL (46)
United States
Title: Drama in the GardenNikon D200
Drama in the Garden (26)
AgnesL (46)
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