Aliaksandr YafremauName: Aliaksandr Yafremau
Country: Belarus
Intro: Pryvitanne use phatografy!
Hello all photographers!
I live in small country in center of Europe - Belarus, city Minsk!
I like to make photoes!Also I like experimentales. On TrekLens you can see my work!(on Treknature is small piece of my pictures)
Why Alfonso?My friend Dario(from Spain) gave this name me when i was in Austria,because my name is so long that he named me Alfonso=)

Welcome to my web page:

Zausyody gavoru ab chym dumayu...
I always say what I think...
Vsegda govoryu o chyom dumayu...
Member Since: 2007-01-26
Camera: Olympus, Olympus SP510 UZ
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Title: beauty...Olympus SP510 UZ
beauty... (2)
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