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Amanda Gillian JohnsonName: Amanda Gillian Johnson
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: I moved from the North East of England to the Isle of Wight just over two years ago and got my first digital camera Canon Ixus II 3.2mp for Christmas 2003 and I became hooked I love the ease and simplicity of being able to take a photograph and view it straight away. I was lucky enough to get a Pentax Optio 750z about 4mths ago. I am a member of the Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group and I also post a few images at online clubs. I am very pleased to have found the TREK sites and being able to visit your images from all over the world will indeed give me a new lease of ideas for photographing subjects.
Member Since: 2005-01-26
Camera: Pentax Optio 750z, Canon Ixus II
Note: None
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