Jean Michel LEFEVREName: Jean Michel LEFEVRE
Country: France
Intro: Hello,

I am technical and quality manager in an international company working in certification of quality.

Loving trips, treks and scuba diving, I use all these occasions to satisfy my passion of photography. Unconditional of the mark Canon, I have invested in the numerical one for a few years already, but I keep preciously my first silver camera ...

I give you the address of my Web site where you will be welcome.

Mon site perso
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Camera: Canon EOS 350D, Canon Ixus 850 IS, Canon PowerShot A80
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Title: Cicada of seaCanon PowerShot A80
Cicada of sea
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Title: Bee on flower of mimosa at Nebo mountCanon EOS 350D
Bee on flower of mimosa at Nebo mount (4)
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Title: Head of criquetCanon Ixus 850 IS
Head of criquet (2)
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