Divanka RandulaName: Divanka Randula
Country: Sri Lanka
Intro: I deeply loves to capture wild-life .I am a member of Sri Lanka Zoologists association,

I think this wild life photography is a one of powerful way to conserve wild-life .

I'm still learning how to capture the wild life from my YZA (young zoologists association)Photography group instructor Mr.MAHESH DE SILVA .

So please add your critiques to develop my Photography skills .

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Member Since: 2008-10-13
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Canon EOS 500
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Sri Lanka
Title: PureCanon EOS 20D
Divanka (41)
Sri Lanka
Title: Clefted SceneryCanon EOS 500
Clefted Scenery
Divanka (41)
Sri Lanka
Title: Dancing StreamCanon EOS 20D
Dancing Stream (4)
Divanka (41)
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