Name: David Withers
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: I am a retired patents engineer in diesel engine design. I was born in March 1943, started work in August 1959 and took early retirement from the same company in March 2001. I'll leave you to do the calculating!

I am married to Janet with two grown up children, Barry and Nicola (Nikki). I also have a mistress who I am very fond of - her name is Tinkerbell (see below).

Outside the home I spend two or three days a week restoring steam railway locomotives at the Nene Valley Railway. My present project is the Danish loco known as No.656 'Tinkerbell' that features in the News section of the NVR website:

In 1998 I finished a two-year ground-up restoration of the 1972 Triumph 2500 car that I have owned since 1975. My everyday car is a 2003 Rover 75 CDTi.

I've had a passing interest in photography for several decades but it was the purchase of a Panasonic FZ20 in September 2004 that made me an enthusiast, though I'd still class myself as a novice.
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