Oscar NeumeyerName: Oscar Neumeyer
Country: South Africa
Intro: I have always loved nature. I suppose it is one of the many joys of life that I inherited from my parents. They taught me to respect and appreciate Life, no matter how big or small. Life in itself is a beautiful thing, not the specific animal, plant or insect (no matter how creepy). And it defines me…I love experiencing life, untouched by the hand of Man, but nurtured by the hand of God.

I am blessed with a wife that shares my passion of the Great Outdoors. I sincerely hope you will find meaning in my photos, at least as much as I do. Please feel free to criticize as I will not improve if your comments are limited to “good color and composition”. Give your honest opinion, and I promise to do the same.


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Title: Evening CrocNikon D50 DLSR
Evening Croc (12)
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South Africa
Title: Ironic ZebraNikon D50 DLSR
Ironic Zebra (2)
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Title: Talking VervetNikon D50 DLSR
Talking Vervet (6)
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