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Linzi HalliwellName: Linzi Halliwell
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Hi
Have been a member of Treklens for over a year now. I am still an extreme novice at nature photography however I would really appreciate any advice, comments and encouragement you wish to give!

I have quite basic equipment and use basic PP software.

I have looked at the quality of work on this site and know that I have a long, long way to go!

All advice gratefully received!
Member Since: 2009-04-19
Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ18
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United Kingdom
Title: Sympetrum striolatumPanasonic Lumix DMC FZ18
Sympetrum striolatum (4)
Goodwitch (37)
United Kingdom
Title: Anthocharis cardaminesPanasonic Lumix DMC FZ18
Anthocharis cardamines (6)
Goodwitch (37)
United Kingdom
Title: Prunella modularisPanasonic Lumix DMC FZ18
Prunella modularis (12)
Goodwitch (37)
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