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Hans SpruijtName: Hans Spruijt
Country: Netherlands
Intro: Hi Trek Nature enthusiasts,

To introduce myself: Iím Hans living in the Low Lands (Netherlands) and like to travel around the world. Visiting and photographing places like Egypt, Greece, Italy, USA, China, Caribbean, Philippines, Emirates and of course my home country Holland. Pleasing myself -and I hope also you as guest- with nice pictures taken during my travels. Enjoy and comment!

You also can find some other pictures of the Green Baron: TrekLens click here and here for TrekEarth.
Have fun!
Member Since: 2006-08-18
Camera: Minolta Z1, Minolta 300 si SLR
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Title: Nymphaea alba
Nymphaea alba (2)
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Title: Bubble froggy
Bubble froggy (4)
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Title: Swan and cygletsMinolta Z1
Swan and cyglets (12)
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