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Mark GrivellName: Mark Grivell
Country: Australia
Intro: Greetings.
I have enjoyed photography since I was a child, my first 35mm camera being a Yashica GSN Electro. Since then I have used both a Kodak DX-6490 and more recently a Nikon D-80 (I truly LOVE this camera) Over the years I have experimented a little bit, but am still definitely an amateur.

As a primary school child I learnt the art of darkroom operation. Although I don't use these particular skills anymore (as I have not taken a film photograph for probably 8 years), I still carry out post production work on almost all my photos, and the learning of composition, cropping etc I think is just as relevant today.

My favourite commercial photographer is Steve Parish. His empathy of the Australian environment is incredible.

I also have an online photo album. You can reach it here. Feel free to browse and leave a note. It is always nice to read the opinions of other photographers.

Along with the photos I submit to treknature, I also submit to Trekearth. My Trekearth profile can be found here.
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Camera: Kodak DX6490, Nikon D80, Yashica Electro 35 GSN
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