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Name: Jaime Tafoya
Country: United States
Intro: Hi Everyone! My name is Jaime and I live in the Southeastern portion of the United States in Durham, NC. I have recently become very involved in taking photos and I happened to come across these amazing photography sites! Can't wait to join in and post my pics!
Member Since: 2005-07-21
Camera: Canon Powershot A530, Minolta Dimage Z5, Nikon D40 DSLR
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United States
Title: Great Blue Heron and FishMinolta Dimage Z5
Great Blue Heron and Fish (14)
Jaimeson (25)
United States
Title: Evening ButterflyMinolta Dimage Z5
Evening Butterfly (1)
Jaimeson (25)
United States
Title: Prairie Dogs Everywhere!Minolta Dimage Z5
Prairie Dogs Everywhere!
Jaimeson (25)
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