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Name: Jeroen Mulder
Country: Netherlands
Intro: Hello,
My name is Jeroen Mulder and live in Warnsveld near Zutphen in the east of The Netherlands. I recently started to enjoy photography. Since may 2007 i use a Pentax K100D camera, before I had a Minolta Z1. I am sure I will learn a lot from all your critics.
Member Since: 2007-06-01
Camera: Minolta Z1, Pentax K100D
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Title: Snails in actionPentax K100D
Snails in action
Jeroenmulder (16)
Title: bird in the skyPentax K100D
bird in the sky (2)
Jeroenmulder (16)
Title: Grey Crowned CraneMinolta Z1
Grey Crowned Crane (6)
Jeroenmulder (16)
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