Name: Keith McBurney
Country: Canada
Intro: I bought the Canon digital rebel (300d outside Canada and USA i think) for my wifes birthday in 2004. I used to hate pictures until she got this camera. In April 2005 I purchased a Sigma 70 - 300 telephoto lens with macro, not knowing what macro was, again for my wifes birthday.

In late april we went to Malta where I took my first macro shot of a grasshopper. This is where my love for macro photography was born. I love this camera (I think more than my wife does), and we have both been working together to become better photographers.
Member Since: 2006-01-04
Camera: Canon Eos 300D Digital Rebel, Canon EOS 40 D
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Costa Rica
Title: Which way was the... never mind.Canon Eos 300D Digital Rebel
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Title: Where my love of macros began.Canon Eos 300D Digital Rebel
Where my love of macros began. (10)
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