Name: Ashley Vander Loop
Country: United States
Intro: I am a student at Bel-Rea Technician Institute working my way through school--trying to volunteer where I can and see as much of Colorado and the surrounding states as possible as well. I am a hobbyist to though, hoping to become somewhat of a professional photographer in the future. In pursuit of that desire I have chosen to host images on the Zenfolio server and I am working very hard to make the site presentable enough to be a sort of portfolio displaying my highest quality images of the subjects which I have enjoy photographing the most: parks and animals.
In addition I plan to use the site to help continue supporting the work of those to seek to help the wildlife which I love. People who get up at dawn to feed, clean up after, treat the wounds of and generally show kindness and care to those orphaned, sick or injured birds, mammals, and reptiles that are brought to their doors. A large portion of the proceeds from all the galleries will be divided between them and donated. Please be patient as it is not complete though. Comments and constructive criticism are much welcomed.
Thank you for your views.
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Camera: Nikon D40
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Title: Colorado Mule Deer
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Title: Feather Detail and... my reflection!
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Title: Pike's Peak
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