Name: Edwin OWO
Country: Netherlands
Intro: I started off with a Minolta Dynax 7000i camera some 18 years ago. Didn't get the results I wanted and lost interest. Regained interest when my brother got back from Asia with nice shots taken on his digital pocket camera. I bought the Sony V3 and played around with it for almost a year now. Borrowed the Canon 20D for a trip to Scotland and enjoyed it. Fortunately I have my own now.

What I like about digital photography is the feeling that I'm more involved in the outcome of the pictures compared to the "old" 35 mm film.
Hope I can post a lot of good pics here and receive critiques, for me the best way to improving myself in the world of photography.

Wildlife is my addiction, I can watch animallife for hours. One of the most (if not the most) inspiring wildlife photographers for me is Alex Bernasconi. You can find him at PBASE.
Alex Bernasconi
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Camera: Canon 20D
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Title: Public ToiletCanon 20D
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South Africa
Title: Ground SquirrelCanon 20D
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