Ozde HicdurmazName: Ozde Hicdurmaz
Country: Turkey
Intro: To change the your life, change your view!!

Born in 1972 in Istanbul
I started to capture the moments when I realised that I had 2 eyes :)..
That I can say they were my first Equipment.

2 Eye

At that years I learned how to see.
Than when I get a teenage :
first love
first kiss
and first schock :)))
I learned the feelings.

And after I get feelings in to my equipments ,
I started to draw comics. these years I was drawing the things that I would like to see..
But after I graduated from University
I realised that Life is very different that we had seen... :)
And I started to add Life experince in to my equipments and I changed my pencil with a PENTAX.

Then I started to shoot moments which presents me.. that I put my eye, experinece, lifestyle, feeling in it

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