Parc CruzName: Parc Cruz
Country: Philippines
Intro: In July of 2005, I decided to seriously get into photography as a hobby. It has been one of my aspirations. I would often look at other photo websites, admire their work and wonder if I could do them myself.

I started with an complicated point and shoot camera (Canon A95)and for two months, it became my handy accessory. I brought it everywhere I went and I took photos even while I was driving. Taking every imaginable object I can find in the house or on the streets, I have amassed quite a simple gallery that I set up a temporary blog site.

Not even imagining that I would grow into this hobby and that it would absorb me in, by September 2005, I went for an upgrade. With my Canon 350D, I began feeling like a real photographer. And by November 2005, I was going full-blast.

I do not have any formal training. I did not have teachers to guide me through. All I learned, I learned from my peers. I still continue to learn from them and so far, my love affair with photography seems to be an ongoing awe-inspiring experience. I do not hope this to stop.
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Camera: Canon PowerShot A95, Canon EOS350D/Digital Rebel XT
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Title: Mt. Pinatubo CraterCanon EOS350D/Digital Rebel XT
Mt. Pinatubo Crater (17) *
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Title: Death ValleyCanon EOS350D/Digital Rebel XT
Death Valley (12)
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