Johannes PetroneName: Johannes Petrone
Country: Sweden
Intro: Hiya TN members!

I'm 22 years old and I'm currently studying in the university town of Uppsala in Sweden. The home town of Carl von Linné for anyone who cares. ;)

I love traveling and photography and have been lucky enough to have spent over a year backpacking through Asia and Africa. You can find some of my photos on here from those travels.

I have always been fascinated with photography and in 2003 I bought my first digitalcamera, a cheap Kodak DX4330 but it was a good start.

In 2005 I upgraded to a Canon Powershot S2 IS which is more advanced and I got to play around with setting like f-stops and shutterspeeds. I found taking photos to be very satisfying, especially showing these photon to other people.

After serving me well during my travels for 2 years that camera gor stolen at a party in december 2007.
So with my last money (being a student really tends to limit your cash-spending) I managed to buy a Canon 400D with a 18-55mm IS lens! Maybe not the best lens but the higher-end ones cost a fortune!
I also purchased an extension tube (EF 12 II) to give a little boost in macro shooting...
When I have the money I will invest in a real macro lens. :)

I am here to learn about nature photography and also to share my photos with people who appriciate them.

See you around!

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A spring battle
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