Robin QueenName: Robin Queen
Country: United Arab Emirates
Intro: Originally from England I moved to Abu Dhabi U.A.E where I now work.
I am looking forward to being a part of TN as I have a real passion for this type of photography. I have already seen some fantastic photos on TN that show individuals passion, dedication and professionalism for this subject.
I am really keen to improve all aspects of my photography so please be honest with your comments so that I can hopefully take my photography to another level.
Member Since: 2011-06-20
Camera: Canon 60D
Note: None
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United Arab Emirates
Title: Bee EaterCanon 60D
Bee Eater (2)
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United Arab Emirates
Title: Flight of the Flamingo
Flight of the Flamingo (2)
Rasjjr6 (51)
United Arab Emirates
Title: Greater Sand PloverCanon 60D
Greater Sand Plover (2)
Rasjjr6 (51)
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