Rob TaylorName: Rob Taylor
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Photography is my main hobby and I like to take photos of anything but mainly landscapes and unusual shots.
Member Since: 2005-11-01
Camera: Apple iPhone 5s, Sony Cybershort DSC P100, Sony Cybershot DSC H400, Sony Cybershot DSC T300, Sony DSC-P32
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Random photos
Title: Old Olive TreeSony DSC-P32
Old Olive Tree
Robwgc (16)
Title: Sunset on The PrairieSony Cybershort DSC P100
Sunset on The Prairie (÷)
Robwgc (16)
Title: Barbary Ground SquirrelSony Cybershort DSC P100
Barbary Ground Squirrel (6)
Robwgc (16)
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