Name: Rubem Porto Jr
Country: Brazil
Intro: Cheers everybody

My name is Rubem Porto, i'm 50 and i'm a geologist from Brazil. Iím Master and Ph.D. degree in geochemistry and petrology of the igneous rocks. I am especially interested in natural landscapes, moutains, minerals, minerals under microscope and flowers, but photography is a new interest. I've been a TrekNature member from June 2009 and I am very excited about the possibilities of exchanging experiences.
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Camera: Cannon Power Shot A2000 IS
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Title: Flower after rain
Flower after rain
Rubem (28)
Title: Lakes Montai in the Andean Cordillera
Lakes Montai in the Andean Cordillera (4) *
Rubem (28)
Title: Dunes and RiverCannon Power Shot  A2000 IS
Dunes and River (2)
Rubem (28)
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