Denis DoucetName: Denis Doucet
Country: Canada
Intro: My principal job is as a Parks Canada heritage interpreter (6-8 months a year), but I also live on a rural homestead with my wife and family and we have a small farm with a variety of domestic animals and a large garden which supplies us (and a small but growing number of people) with fresh, essentially organic vegetables and fruit and takes up a lot of our "spare" time.

I am an avid observer and photographer of nature and wildlife in general. I have worked at times as a tour guide for a few private tour companies, such as Fundy Hiking and Nature Tours, which sub-contracts to larger and better known companies such as the Travelling Naturalist (UK), Nature Trek (UK), Shinwa Nature Tours (Japan) and Holiday Fellowship (UK). I am a big fan of birds and marine mammals. I photograph them and collect and do some research on insects, including Odonata, Butterflies and certain Coleoptera, especially Coccinellidae and Cicindelinae, Cerambycidae and just getting into Elateridae. I have recently become more interested in Hemiptera, Homoptera and Orthoptera as well and am discovering that all insects (and other creepy crawlies) are fascinating, so that tends to be the bulk of my photography these days.

If you wish, you can see more of my images at the links below:

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Je parle le français aussi, y entiendo el español bastante bien también...
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Title: Appalachian Tiger BeetleNikon D300s
Appalachian Tiger Beetle (4)
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Aurora Damsel male (16)
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Zebra Clubtail (8)
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