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Name: Suhailah Nassar
Country: United Arab Emirates
Intro: "When one picks up a camera and freezes a moment in time we all get a glimpse of one's soul."

Hi all!
im a high school student, Egyptian but lived in Dubai - UAE all my life...
i have had big ambition towards photography since i was a kid, i just only started 'taking action' in 2005, i started practicing, and I'm getting more serious bout it day by day, and gaining more confidence from my family's encouragement...
I'm still just a beginner though, I still have lots to learn, that's the main reason why i joined TL,
i loved the idea of being a member here hoping to learn from other members comments and critiques, and also learn from other photos and get to know about other countries as well through posted photos of other members
i hope you enjoy the photos i share, and will be more than happy to receive any of your comments, critique, criticism, suggestions, notices, as they will help me a lot and will be very useful to me, because as i mentioned, I'm only a beginner and still have lots to learn... so i will be very grateful for that. =)
hope u like my works, and enjoy my gallery. ^^

Thanx 4 droppin by =)

if anyone knows about any competitions or any galleries that i can participate in, please feel free to let me know, I'd love to participate in such things, even more if it is for charity purposes, I'd love to donate some of my works, done that b4..i will be more than happy. =)

please visit and let me know what u think:

best regards
Suhailah J Nassar
Member Since: 2007-07-26
Camera: Canon Powershot A520, Panasonic LUMIX DMC FX07
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