Jerry van VlietName: Jerry van Vliet
Country: Netherlands
Intro: A 26 years old youngman and his camera.
From Central-Holland
I am visiting the outdoors...

On TrekNature I hope to learn more about photograpy and share some of my pics.

The camera I use is a Canon EOS 300, I am very very happy whit this camera.
Always sharp, good depth, bright colors and so on.
Got 2 lenses; 28-90, 75-300 and a macro.

Films I use are of very commom shops in
Holland namely `Kruidvat´ and `Hema´.
The first sells kodak films on their own brand, cheaper than the originals, and I have't noticed any difference. Good films, for a low price!
The second shop I only use for black and white films, don´t know the source of that film but they are quite good. The opposite of their color films they are not.

Well that's about it I think,....

Critiques are welkom, either way, negative and postitive, I thank you!

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