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Utpal BasuName: Utpal Basu
Country: India
Intro: I'm a 47 year-old man from Calcutta,the capital-city of the state of West Bengal in India - a city that boasts to be the second lagest cosmopolitan city in the world just behind New York - a city the eternal spirit of the inhabitants of which has been well eilogised for the posterity as "The City of Joy" by the famous French author- Dominique Lapierre - the home-town of the Nobel-Laureates like Tagore,C.V.Raman and Dr. Amartya Sen and the main field of work of Mother Teresa - the city where she had the inspiration to dedicate her life for the welfare of all the abandoned people of the world in her Mission of Charity. I've been born and brought up in this materially rather dismal, but spiritually and culturally most advanced city. I graduated form one of the most prestigious colleges in the city - the St. Xavier's,the missionaries of which- for instance,Father Huart,Father Joris,Father Goreaux,Father Lewis-have all contributed a lot in moulding my character. Getting admitted to the Calcutta University after my stint with the St. Xavier's had been quite a shock. There had been none there who could measure up as ideal teachers or even humans to either the Fathers or even the Hindu Professors of the St. Xaviers like Professor Capadia,who blandly refused an offer of professorship in the Calcutta University,Professor Kundu or eve3n Professor Ghosh. Even in the late 70s of the last century, Calcutta University had been home of,instead of higher learning,egotism,self-centeredness,bigotry and arrogance of the professors and indiscipline,destructiveness,insolence and impertinence of the students. As far I'm cocernd, I'm now a self-employed middle-aged man with an out and out romantic,humanitarian attitude to life. But my romantically humanitarian zeal has,in recent times,been sobered to such an extent by my close contacts with the all-pervasive,at least in India,human follies and vices like corruption,nepotism,indiference to environment and widespread poverty and suffering,self-centeredness and overall apathy for self-improvement, that that zral is now tinged with indignant sarcasm,sardonicism and even downright cynicism. As far as hobbies and interests are concerned,I'm fond of travelling, photography,reading,gardening, listening to music-mostly classical,both of Indian and Western variety & songs of Tagore,Nazrul and a few other Bengali and Hindi poets,composers and singers and country-pops of the 60s,70s and the 80s, watching classical Hollywood movies on TV and social-service
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