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Motoki SAITOName: Motoki SAITO
Country: Japan
Intro: Inspired by a "Cabbage White" at the age of 3, I have been interested in butterflies since then. As a result, I did not become either a professional entomologist or a professional nature photographer. Now in middle 30's, I just enjoy taking photos of butterflies and small creatures. I happened to find this site and decided to join at the moment. I hope both my photography skills and English writing skills will improve.
Member Since: 2008-01-25
Camera: Canon EOS Kiss Digital (Rebel), Ricoh Caplio GX 8
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Title: Argyronome laodice
Argyronome laodice
Zephyrus (28)
Title: Rapala arata
Rapala arata (2)
Zephyrus (28)
Title: Meet again!
Meet again!
Zephyrus (28)
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