Name: aaron rimmington
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: hi im aaron,im 14 and currently live in pudsey in leeds england,i first used disposable cameras and underwater cameras when i went on holiday. i have since changed to digital cameras,my grandmas boyfriend andy got me into photography he is andyb and is a member on treknature,i have my own olympus camera it is a c-300z i believe,i am realy into nature and love wildlife. photgraphy is one of my hobbies and there will be more images soon.

i havent had much time recently to add more images,i have been busy doing my g.c.s.e's.I have a few images but my pc is deciding to not let me upload,hense there is nothing new from me.

anyway, i will try my best to upload some more for you soon.
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Camera: Olympus C-300Z
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