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Anindya KunduName: Anindya Kundu
Country: India
Intro: Photography is amazing for me. Its my passion beside my profession which is entirely different from creative art.

Being a IT Engineer and working for a Media House in Kolkata, I seldom get time to enjoy my life outside the four walls of my office. So photography has helped me to see various great shots whenever I feel to do something away from my profession.

SONY DSC H3B is a basic entry level camera which I bought a year back and soon going to get one DSLR.I couldn't decide till now what to go for.


Today is one of the most memorable day for me since I bought a DSLR Camera and want to explore which I couldn't do with a Compact One.
MY FIRST DSLR - NIKON D60 - and simply it's awesome.
Since on a learning process, the USP of my hobby is "I'm lOVING it !!!" Njoy with my pictures from today on a DSLR.
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Camera: Nikon D60, Sony Cyber Shot DSC H3
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