Piotr JablonskiName: Piotr Jablonski
Country: Poland
Intro: First time I dived with the japaniese underwater camera SEA&SEA in the year 2002. Looking for interesting places to dive I could not ignore so beautiful views on land. Now I am learning to take wet and dry pictures.
All critiques are welcome.
Member Since: 2007-01-31
Camera: Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom
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Title: Anemon and their protectorsOlympus C-7070 Wide Zoom
Anemon and their protectors (4)
apj (75)
Title: White tip reef sharkOlympus C-7070 Wide Zoom
White tip reef shark (4)
apj (75)
Title: I am safetyOlympus C-7070 Wide Zoom
I am safety (6)
apj (75)
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