Name: andreas rosenkranz
Country: Germany
Intro: I discovered photography at the age of fifteen by way of a second-hand slr and then soon began developing my own work. Over the years I have worked in various other media such as film, sculpture and light instalation. The valuable experience I gained along the way plays a positive role in my work as a photographer today.

A turning point came when I got to know luis gomez in hamburg. Since then my working method almost exclusively involves the use of the zonal system . This is for me the ideal technique for the transferal of a particular mood to print.

As the creation of a powerful image is not only dependant on technical issues, I find myself particularly drawn to photography since I must be ever watchful, alert and receptive, always on the look out for outstanding moments in order to recognize and capture them.

Usually I work in the classical manner, using analogue and in black and white. Every moment, be it in a natural setting or as a peronal portrait, a photo captured on film has a particular personal integrity. I only turn to digital means when it is otherwise unavoidable.

I always strive to offer an interpretation , to intrigue, to challenge perceptions and bring out the essence of a subject.

i`m always looking for display-possibilities and art-collectors. so if anyone has got a hint, let me know.
great community, interesting pictures and
kind regards andreas
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