Name: Arturo Abbiati
Country: Italy
Intro: Photography has always been one of my favourite hobbies.
Digital photography has opened up a vast horizon for me, as now anyone con enjoy the multipurpose aspects of photography:
• the traditional documentary aspect of photography, as a means of conveying images of the world around us,
• the aspect of creativity which is able to produce images which may be far removed from the reality, but which have the power to create emotions and feelings, in the same way that a piece of music or a painting does, which can be obtained through the computerised manipulation of photographic data.
In this respect, I believe that “straight” photography, as the only true photography, as advocated by P.H. Emerson, is outdated.

I enjoy painting and classic music and I need to sense these two elements in all my pictures.

The discovery of this site was a great thing and I hope that with the comments and criticisms of all of you, I will continue to learn.

As voluntary work I teach a course on computers at the University for Senior Citizens in Pavia and one of my courses is on Photoshop, which I love.

You can see more of my pictures at:

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