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Name: Artur Heise
Country: Poland
Intro: I am actually new to the world of Digital photography and I have a lot to learn. But I have always had an interest of taking photos. I appreciate any help and advice you can give me.

I prefer an "archaic" cameras like Sony Mavica FD-91 or Kodak DC-120 - both without all of "novelty features" :)

See my photos on:
TrekEarth, TrekLens and TrekNature
Member Since: 2005-11-08
Camera: Sony CyberShot Pro DSC D770, Sony DSC-F717, Sony Mavica FD-91
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Title: Umbrellas?Sony Mavica FD-91
Umbrellas? (2)
artur_heise (8)
Title: House for rentSony Mavica FD-91
House for rent
artur_heise (8)
Title: After early bathSony Mavica FD-91
After early bath
artur_heise (8)
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