Avi HirschfieldName: Avi Hirschfield
Country: Israel
Intro: Hi to all I am a proffesional photographer.I was born in South Africa and now I live in the north of Israel in an area where bird/avian photography is superb,we are on the migration route from Africa-Europe.
I work in all genres--Nature,People,Travel and Photojournalism.
I travel on assignments to europe and other destinations.
Member Since: 2009-04-10
Camera: Canon EOS 20D + Grip BG-E2, Nikon D200 with MB-200, Nikon D300 with MB_D10, Nikon D90
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Title: Kingfisher leaving waterNikon D300 with MB_D10
Kingfisher leaving water (4)
avibram (120)
Title: I CAN SEE YOUNikon D300 with MB_D10
I CAN SEE YOU (12) *
avibram (120)
Title: Red-backed Shrike(Lanius collurio)Nikon D300 with MB_D10
Red-backed Shrike(Lanius collurio) (2)
avibram (120)
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