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Ahmet Yasin GulerName: Ahmet Yasin Guler
Country: Turkey
Intro: Biyoseverlik hipotezinin babası E.O.Wilson,Naturalist (Doğabilimci) adını verdiği özyaşamöyküsünde bu olgudan söz etmiştir.''Çou çocuğun bir böcek dönemi vardır. Ben bundan hiç vazgeçmedim. Bir doğabilimcinin yetişmesinde önemli olan sey sistematik bigiler değil, doğru zamanda edinilen uygulamalı deneyimlerdir. bir süre için eğitimsiz bir yabanıl olmak, adları ya da anatomik ayrıntıları bilmemek daha iyidir. Yalnızca arayarak ve düşleyerek uzun uzun zaman geçirmek daha iyidir.''

Doğadaki son Çocuk 'dan alıntıdır.



John Stuart Mill


Great article!! A part of the life which I want..

Here’s what it’s like to follow behind the herpetologists as they work their way down the trail in the early evening. The sun set an hour ago and the air is starting to lose some of the afternoon’s heat, but your forehead and arms are still damp with a cool film of sweat. The full moon is rising through the trees ahead of you: a bright spot in the canopy that’s not strong enough yet to throw patches of moonlight on the forest floor. Everything in the understory is black, and everything in the midstory is black, and up in the canopy the leaves and branches are black against a night sky that is almost blue. In the upper strata of the forest legions of stridulating insects are making a scritch-scritching chorus; to the right a far-off frog croaks once and falls silent; from the left comes an anxious-sounding hooting; a bat flutters past almost noiselessly, raising a tiny breeze; and ahead on the trail comes the rustling sound of the herpetologists searching through dry leaf litter....

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About Me

-Date of Birth: March 06 1991

-Place of Birth: İstanbul / Fatih

-Undergraduate Studies: Fatih University Faculty of Biology Department İstanbul / Büyükçekmece

-Research İnterests: Herpetology, Arachnids, Moleculer biology

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Turkey ,6th march 1991.Graduated from Asfa Primary School in 2002,middle and High School Anadolu Hisarı Middle school and Mehmet Akif Anadolu İmam Hatip High School fisrt year ,after Cavusbasi High School,in 2005, 2006,and 2009,repectively.

In 2010,Joined Fatih University Faculty of Biology department.He is still a student at the Fatih University,Dep. of Biology.

He was always interest in many animals since childhood.He always wanted to be intertwined with nature and animals and wanted to become a vet but he understood that will not make the these things which he wants such as interest in science and as interest in many different kinds of animals if he become a vet.

After he started interest in reptiles since he was 15 years old.He spent much time for reptiles.After that,He learned how he was interest in them until the end of his life.He decided to become a good herpetologist.He always traveled many places like a herpetologist for herping and observing many animals in the nature.He prefered to travel in the diffirent places at the his free time.İf You want to more information about him,you can look his photos on his web site and TN.
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