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Aviad BarName: Aviad Bar
Country: Israel
Intro: After a lot of collecting work and plenty of hours in the filed we happy to publish the Israeli reptiles filed guide.

Israel offers abundant wild life and a variety of habitats, packet into one of the smallest countries in the world. This book presents useful information on the identification and general biology of the 92 land-reptiles and amphibians species occurring in Israel.
The book details each species with an updated textual description, colorful images, and distribution maps. Species inhabiting sandy habitats are addressed in a special chapter detailing their tracks and how to follow them, with the aid of text and photographs.
In addition to its species coverage, this book also covers Israelís unique conservation issues, and surveys its divers phytogeographical habitats, with the aid of illustrations, photographs and textual information.


my reptiles and Amphibians feild guide:
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