Zsuzsanna BernathName: Zsuzsanna Bernath
Country: Hungary
Intro: I'm Zsuzsanna from Hungary. I born in the year of 1960 in Budapest.I have 3 children, two girls and one boy.I very like the animals, i have some too. I love to make photo, this is my favorite hobby.I am a master hairdresser, I guide my little pub currently. I like the people very much, and the nature. I have a hobby yet, this astronomy. Cheerful, I am a humorous woman. Studying is me I am begging you here if I do something badly write. It English something does not look promising, you find many mistakes sure because of this. Christmas I spend the 47. edge my year. Reprimand me if I would write something down badly in English. I can write big folly !
I welcome everybody: Zsuzsanna
Member Since: 2007-10-21
Camera: No cameras
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Title: Swan
Swan (4)
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Title: Winter sky
Winter sky (2)
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Title: Agave
Agave (4)
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