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Bill EvansName: Bill Evans
Country: Iraq
Intro: I am a communications system engineer and have had the opportunity to travel the world because of my line of work. Someday, when I get back there, I'll have the chance to post some of my photos from the tops of the volcanos of Indonesia to the streets of Eastern Europe.

On my current adventure, I have been here in Baghdad for 9 months now and have experienced much. I walk the streets and enjoy having a burger at the popular hang-outs. When I can, I have tried to catch a good shot without getting killed.

I bought a Sony DCR-TRV33 video/still combo for the trip and have just recently added an Canon A70 to my toolkit.

I hope you enjoy my photos and notes and that they will give you some perspective of life here in Iraq. I look forward to any feedback you would be willing to offer. Thanks!
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Camera: Sony DCR-TRV33, Canon PowerShot A70
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